Find a Good Plumber in Richmond, Petaluma & Berkeley, CA

Find a Good Plumber in Richmond, Petaluma & Berkeley, CA

Contact Honrath & Stacey for your repair or replacement

Are you in need of plumbing services in Contra Costa County? Get in touch with the trustworthy team at Honrath & Stacey Plumbing & Heating. Our family-owned company brings decades of experience to our work. Whether you’re dealing with a sudden plumbing emergency or a bathroom renovation, you can count on our capable team.

Our plumbers can do it all

There are few projects that our Richmond & Petaluma, CA area plumbers can't handle! Get in touch with us about your:
  • Water line replacement or repair
  • Faucet replacement or repair
  • Drain cleaning

Would you like to save buckets of money on your monthly water bill? Consult Honrath & Stacey about switching out your plumbing fixtures. We'll update the efficiency of the faucets and other amenities in your bathroom or kitchen.

Call 510-237-5080 to learn more about our top-tier plumbing services.

Note: We do not complete work on septic tanks.